5 Common Issues To Look Out For In Newly-Built Homes In Winter Garden

Posted by Jake Johnson on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 at 10:24pm

If you’re looking to purchase a recently-built home in Winter Garden, you may think that there’s no chance that a home built in the last year or two would have any flaws or defects. 

Unfortunately, this is not the case. While newly-built homes are less likely to have serious structural flaws compared to old homes, they can still have their own set of problems that can cause you major headaches down the line.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few common issues that you may want to look out for if you’re shopping for a newly-built home in Winter Garden. 

1. Improper Drainage And Grading

Drainage is absolutely critical for keeping the foundation and crawl spaces dry. Improper grading and drainage can lead to flooding in the basement, and even permanent damage to the foundation, over time.

The slope should be at a grade of about 6 inches per 10 feet – about 5%. Any lower, and water could pool around the foundation. In addition, the gutters and drainpipes should allow water to drain away from the home, rather than pooling around the foundation. 

2. Dirty HVAC Systems

The process of home construction can create a lot of dust, debris, and dirt. This may build up in the air ducts – and if it’s not cleaned, this could cause premature damage to your blower and other HVAC components, as well as heating/cooling performance issues. It may be a good idea to have the HVAC system inspected when looking at a newly-built home. 

3. Shrinkage Cracks And Nail Popping 

The wood used to construct a home tends to shrink slightly during the first year after it’s built. This can lead to “shrinkage cracks,” where the home begins to settle at a downward angle – which can cause diagonal cracks in the corners of drywall sheets.

Another associated problem is “nail pops.” These occur as the shrinkage of wood pushes or pulls nails out of their original places – which can cause depressions or bumps in the otherwise-smooth drywall. 

4. Gaps In Wood Floors

Wood flooring expands and contracts based on the temperature and humidity, and a little bit of a gap is not a deal-breaker. But if the home was built with inferior materials or the wood was installed improperly, this can be an issue. If you see multiple gaps that are wider than the width of a quarter, this is a sign that the wood floor may be warped. 

5. Roof Leaks 

Even a new roof can be flawed if the shingles were poorly installed. If the nails are over-driven or under-driven into the shingle, the shingle can split or “bubble” up, allowing water to enter. Make sure to inspect the roof and attic for signs of leaks, even on a brand-new home.

Know What To Expect When Looking For A New Home In Winter Garden!

Just like an already-built home, a newly-built home in Winter Garden can have serious structural issues. That’s why, at Orlando Hub Real Estate, we always recommend working with an experienced real estate agent and hiring a home inspector – even when looking at new homes in Maitland. For more information about real estate in Maitland and tour some newly-built homes, feel free to contact us online today!

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